New York Student Defense Lawyer

Jeffrey LichtmanWhenever any person is accused of a crime, it is understandable to be confused and frightened. This situation can be even more stressful for students in colleges and universities.

On top of the daunting prospects of a trip through the criminal justice system, they may also face disciplinary action taken by their school. Regardless of whether the alleged incident took place on campus or off, the consequences can negatively affect the student’s future at the school.

A New York student defense lawyer can work with students to not only defend them in criminal court, but also to protect their rights at school. If you or a loved one faces criminal charges, contact an attorney today.

Representation in Court

Whether the defendant has been accused of a crime by campus security or local police, the case will be heard in the nearest New York State Supreme Court. If the crime is alleged in New York City, it may be heard in New York City Criminal Court. Examples of charges commonly faced by students include:

Assault in the 3rd Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor is defined as:
  • With intent to cause physical injury to another person, they cause such injury to such person or to a third person
  • They recklessly cause physical injury to another person
  • With criminal negligence, they cause physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument
  • Sexual Misconduct, a Class A Misdemeanor is defined as:
  • Engaging in sexual intercourse with another person without such person's consent
  • Engaging in oral sexual conduct or anal sexual conduct with another person without such person's consent
  • Engaging in sexual conduct with an animal or a dead human body
  • DWI or driving while intoxicated means:
  • No person shall operate a motor vehicle while the person's ability to operate such motor vehicle is impaired by the consumption of alcohol
  • No person shall operate a motor vehicle while such person has .08 of one percent or more by weight of alcohol in the person's blood as shown by chemical analysis of such person's blood, breath, urine or saliva
  • Penalties for this can include a fine of between $300 and $500, and/or a jail term of not more than 15 days. Penalties are much harsher for people convicted of DWI while under the age of 21. Whichever charges a student is facing, a New York student defense lawyer can help.

    Consequences at School

    In addition to any consequences meted out by the criminal justice system, many universities and colleges have their own disciplinary boards dedicated to investigating and punishing any criminal activity undertaken by their students.

    For example, the SUNY schools have adopted student conduct regulations, allowing  the schools to conduct their own investigations and give punishments like suspension and expulsion independently of the criminal charges.

    Each school has its own policies concerning these matters and attorneys will work with each individual student to identify those policies and ensure that all due process for hearings is utilized to protect the student’s rights.

    Contact a New York Student Defense Lawyer

    When students are charged with a crime there is a lot at stake. While students are treated as adults in the criminal justice system, the unique circumstances surrounding their education cannot be ignored.

    True, the accused will have to answer to the charges in criminal court just like anyone else, but they will also need to protect their right to continue pursuing their education.

    A New York student defense lawyer can work with students who have been accused of crimes to protect both their freedom and their education. Do not take any unnecessary chances with your future, contact a lawyer today.